Edmonton Humane Society


The Edmonton Humane Society, formerly known as the Edmonton SPCA, is a non-profit organization that caters to animals, particularly those that are neglected proper care and shelter, in the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. As an advocate for humane action with regard to animals, the Edmonton Humane Society is characterized by affectionate, sympathetic approaches toward animals that are in distress due to abuse or lack of a home to care for them.

Every year, the highly innovative amenities of the Edmonton Humane Society houses about10,000 animals of all kinds. These animals are either stray, abandoned, or ill animals that the Society finds usually on the streets or surrendered by the owners themselves. To ensure the safety and welfare of all the animals in the shelter, the Society periodically conducts veterinary and medical tests as well as temperament assessments on all the animals. If needed, the Society may conduct surgery, transfer custody, or extend foster care to the animals that they have under their care.

For Edmonton natives who are especially fond of animals and are willing to take the challenge to care for animals that are previously mistreated or neglected, the Edmonton Humane Society also opens its animal wards for adoption. Animals here are so many and diverse that the Society can accomodate even up to 200 animal fosters in a day. On the other hand, to assist pet owners in caring for the animals on their stead, the Society has adopted educational programs and pet owners support activities such as training classes, enrichment programs, volunteer programs, and vet checkups for the animals. The Society also has a toll-free phone and e-mail hotline in case Edmonton pet owners get into trouble with the animals that they are caring for.

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