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The city of Edmonton is one of the most promising in terms of economic progress in North America. This is thanks to the city’s being home to rich oil and gas reserves, innovative technology, a booming retail market, flourishing seaports, and an excellent program for the environment. The progress of Edmonton’s business district is also largely due to the exceptional representation of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is basically a representative body on the local level of all the investors and traders in Edmonton. The global arm of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is known as the Edmonton World Trade Center, which is one of the hundreds of acknowledged affiliates of the Association of World Trade Centers in the whole world. Companies and individual proprietors that would like to invest in Edmonton will benefit much if they get themselves affiliated with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

One interesting fact about the Edmonton World Trade Center is that it is the only World Trade Center located in the prairie regions. This only means that economic development in the region has spread out not just in the urban areas but in the rural areas as well. This also makes the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce a powerful and influential element in the economic scene of the city.

Specifically, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is an internationally acknowledged business group that consists of businesses and companies. Its member companies are known industry leaders. To maintain the quality of its member companies, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce drafts out a protocol or guidelines that are among the best in the industry. The Chamber also encourages their member companies to do their best by conducting activities, helping them expand their network of business contacts, and giving benefits such as discounts.

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is known to be an advocate of government support for the trade and commerce industry. It believes that the government has a very crucial role in the development of the business sector.

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