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Another evidence that Edmonton sports a healthy environment for traders and investors is the presence of the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau Edmonton is just one of the many BBB affiliates all over Canada and the United States. It is an organization of companies that are dedicated towards creating what they call an ethical marketplace–that in which all the stakeholders in the trade process engage in a give-and-take relationship.

If you want your company to be a member of the Better Business Bureau in Edmonton, there are some quality standards that your company needs to meet. Among these are as follows:

* Be in operations in Edmonton for at least six months (for exemptions, please check with the Better Business Bureau website) * Clear of all negative records at the Better Business Bureau in Central and Northern Alberta, where Edmonton is under * No cases or criminal liabilities in the government * Be free of any customer complaint * Have and be able to keep a reputation that will positively affect the entire BBB organization * The ability to help in the programs and self-regulation efforts of the BBB * Be able to follow the guidelines in selling and advertising which are set by the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau member companies in the Edmonton area make sure that they abide by the two major principles of performance and integrity as set by the organization. They also ensure that they always push themselves to the limit in coming up with the best for the buying public and their stakeholders as well as for their own businesses, that they maintain the spirit of teamwork sans territories and industries, and employ a culture of trust and respect. They also make sure that every member is a staunch follower of their professional ethics codes.

The existence of Better Business Bureau member companies in Edmonton is an evidence that the city of Edmonton is indeed a flourishing city not just because of its being the best in terms of reputation, effectiveness, and efficiency of the companies that invest on it. It as well is an evidence that Edmonton flourishes because the people in here, including the investors, maintain a culture of virtues that make for a truly professional business environment.

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