Order up: Oodle Noodle provides 700 meals to Edmonton Convention Centre


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Oodles of kindness from a local restaurant chain brought warm meals to people staying at the emergency shelter at the Edmonton Convention Centre.

Oodle Noodle founder Son Pham has been making extra noodles and sauces at the northside factory every week since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March. More than 16,400 meals have been donated to shelters in the area including the Bissell Centre, Boyle Street Community Services and WIN House. The convention centre received 700 meals on Wednesday and served them to hungry residents on Friday.

Company president Jay Downton said the retail value of the donation, which was done in partnership with ATB Financial, is estimated to be around $10,000.

“If we loved Edmonton that means we have to take action,” he said. “We’re lucky to have some things at our disposal, like a factory.”

The factory is able to make the noodles, sauce and tofu. Downton said everything is prepackaged, which allows for easy transportation and delivery to the various charities.

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December 20, 2020 |

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