'It's not the Christmas season that we would normally see': Edmonton businesses brace for more potential layoffs as new COVID-19 measures come into effect


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He said his restaurant has been receiving a lot of support from the community and urged everyone to support local businesses in any way possible including through social media. Saurette said his restaurant will be offering $80 holiday gift bags which will feature a variety of in-house items such as salmon, bacon jam, steaks and foie gras butter.

Lynsae Moon, an owner of the Nook Cafe, said before the start of the pandemic, they had 13 staff members but that dropped to four when they reopened in June. She said she would only consider additional layoffs as a last resort.

“(We’re) just constantly weighing out what is the better outcome right now with the wage subsidy,” Moon said. “What we’re bringing in we’re able to keep those four on, not full-time, but at a reasonable amount of hours.”

She said usually around the holidays she would increase hours for staff and bring on additional employees to cover an evening shift but that won’t be the case this year. Moon said her business relies heavily on events and shows in the downtown core but with those attractions no longer happening, she’s barely hitting 15 per cent of her sales targets.

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December 12, 2020 |

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