COVID-19: Travel at Edmonton's airport sees nearly 70 per cent decline in 2020


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CAC president Daniel-Robert Gooch said in a news release that Canada’s airports have been working closely with the government to keep both passengers and workers safe. He said airports have been able to maintain operations and serve communities by using cash reserves, cancelling projects, laying off staff and assuming billions in debt.

“Today, there is nothing left to cut, yet the restrictions keep piling on,” Gooch said. “The industry’s outlook for 2021 is now dramatically worse than it was even a month ago. There is an urgent need for the government to work with industry in the coming weeks on a plan to emerge from the pandemic and methodically and safely start to remove travel restrictions when the time is right.”

Maybee in an email statement this week said EIA will work closely with the CAC to advocate on the industry’s behalf.

“We will always put the safety of passengers and Canadians first and support the actions of the Government of Canada,” he said. “Our focus now is on supporting our region with domestic service, international cargo shipments and being ready for the return of travel in safer times.”

The EIA is also currently assessing the impacts of the new restrictions and is expected to provide more updates in the coming weeks.

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February 6, 2021 |

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