Edmonton Antique Show


As far as Edmonton antique shows are concerned, there are a lot of offerings for the interested public. There are furnitue, prints, toys, military articles, clocks, pottery and glass pieces, coins, medals, metalwork, sports items, and others. Vehicles are also showcased in these antique shows.

An Example of an Edmonton antique show

The Dutch Spring Market, which showcases antiques, has enticed so many individuals, even from beyond the boundaries of Edmonton. One of their main attractions was their showcasing of antique Thunderbirds, with one vehicle owned by the clockmaker Nyenhuis.

How antique items can be ruined or damaged

There are a number of ways of ruining antiques. And if ever you would hold your own Edmonton antique show very soon, these are things you should definitely avoid doing.

Improper cleaning – Research first regarding the effects of cleaning agents on the value of an antique piece. Check with the experts if you are in doubt on the proper method of cleaning antiques and the right cleaning agents to use for them.

Refinishing the furniture – Assuming you’ve bought an antique item, getting rid of the original finish could be a terrific blunder. Again, read up first regarding that particular antique.

Sunlight factor – If you have bought photographs from an antique show, remember that direct sunlight would dilute the colors and damage the plastic. Remember, one of the reasons you bought antiques is so you could pass them to your children.

Restoration – This is one good reason for the existence of antique shows, for the ones in charge know how to restore antique pieces properly. After all, these shows sell antique pieces, and some of these pieces would never be sold off if they are not restored one way or another.

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