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It is a must to always be updated with the news these days. Especially if you are in the financial and investment industry, the daily news guides your business decisions and strategies. For this, Edmonton newspapers offer the latest scoop on business and other happenings in the society. With numerous newspaper stands located around the city, picking up a newspaper copy is easy even for busy professionals.

Edmonton newspapers are published daily, weekly or bi-weekly. They provide updates on key business-related information as well as entertainment. You can subscribe to any Edmonton newspaper and enjoy regular deliveries or opt to read news online.

Samples of Edmonton newspapers

The Edmonton Examiner

The Edmonton Examiner is one of the top newspapers in the city. Copies are published during Wednesdays, which features entertainment and sports other than regular news. Part of the Sun Media distribution network, The Examiner supplies copies to more than 250,000 readers.

Edmonton Journal

Edmonton Journal, on the other hand, is another popular newspaper that’s published online and in print. The newspaper was started in 1903 by three newsmen. After more than a hundred years, Edmonton Journal is now a common name to many Albertans.

Other Edmonton newspapers

Professionals, housewives, students and other Albertans choose from these other options:

Edmonton Sun – published everyday of the week Vue Weekly – a weekly magazine that offers regular news and updates about the arts, the environment, food, music, and film Gateway – University of Alberta’s official student newspaper See Magazine – one of the lifestyle-oriented magazines that also offers weekly news

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