Sex in Edmonton


Sex in Edmonton is most probably like sex anywhere else: fun. The likelihood of a difference there is close to nil. However, if you are referring to paid sex in Edmonton, then yes, there is a difference. In Edmonton, sex work is legal. The city has professionalized sex work such that they get some health benefits, as well as training on their rights and how to care for themselves. This is well and good since we are talking about what’s probably the oldest profession. It can be a lot of hard work so it’s about time.

If you are wanting to source out paid sex in Edmonton, you can refer to escort services and some massage parlors. Some (not all) of these business entities include sexual services on their menu list. Inquire first about what they can offer. There are also work-from-home sex workers; you will most probably get their contact information from their service ads.

When you’ve decided on what service to go for, you can determine the venue. It is illegal to hold it in the sex worker’s home. However, it is allowed to meet in hotel rooms (and other commercial accommodations) and your home.

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