Edmonton Rock and Gem Shop


Edmonton rock and gem shops offer accessories, jewelries and trinkets made of rocks and gems, and sometimes silver and wood beads or studs. You can even choose to create your own accessories through the piece and pieces that these rock and gem shops sell.

Apart from accessories, Edmonton rock and gem shops also sell healing crystals and gemstones. It is believed that crystals and gems have energy within then that can transfer and affect the wearer/owner.

Client Demographic

Some of the regular clients of these rock and gem shops have new age beliefs. Others may just be into these accessories, jewelries and trinkets because they look good.

Edmonton Hot Spots

Whatever the case, there are several Edmonton rock and gem shops. There is the Ametyst Beginnings over at 124th Street. And of course, the is The Rock & Gem Shop, as well as the Discovery Gemstones and The Wisdom of Crystals. There are more shops available – just check out your local listing.

Wherever you decide to go, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Just use your mind and heart when you pick out your gem.

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