Edmonton Book Club


Edmonton book clubs may be of interest to anyone looking to meet like-minded people. Edmonton book clubs are made up of individuals brought together by the love of reading (in general or for a particular genre). Ideas can be abundant in these venues. You may end up having a great time just talking and exchanging opinions. At the same time, since there is already some compatibility among the members, book clubs are also great for meeting new friends.

Another great thing about Edmonton book clubs is that you can get leads and tips about upcoming titles or rare books that you’ve been looking for. Since book club memberships can get pretty diverse, the amount of information you can get from your co-members is unlimited.

In Edmonton, there are some established book clubs. There’s the Edmonton Success/Law of Attraction Book Club-Support Group, which is a group for people who believe in the law of attraction and read a lot of self-help books. There’s the Edmonton Book & Movie Club for people who love books and movies in general. And there’s the Mystery Lovers Book Club for lovers of mystery books.

May 19, 2016 |

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