Oil Jobs in Edmonton


Your search for oil jobs in Edmonton can start with a quick look at Edmonton job postings in the local paper or online. If you are a resident of Edmonton, the local paper is your best resource as this will no doubt deliver you the current job postings in various oil companies in the city. Most job postings are accompanied by application requirements. If this is not provided you can phone the company main offices and, they will likely point you to the right direction.

Edmonton and Oil

Edmonton is a city with a strong oil refining and drilling industry. It is the one of the largest cities in Canada and traditionally the hub of Canadian petrochemical industries. The city was known as the oil capital of Canada in the 1940s, and since then Edmonton oil jobs continued to increase, alongside construction jobs because of increased demand for infrastructure. Aside from oil, the city is also home to a massive sand and gas reserve.

Requirements for an Edmonton oil job

Typical requirements for an oil job in Edmonton include a standard first aid certificate, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) certificate, a hydrogen sulfide awareness certificate, as well as certificates for rig fall work protection and confined space entry. Some oil job vacancies do not require an educational certificate.

You can post your online profile in various job websites, or look for job websites that cater to Edmonton job seekers and post your employment profile there. Most job banks online will allow you to upload your resume for free to make the application process more convenient.

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