LPN Jobs in Edmonton


You can start your search for LPN jobs in Edmonton by going online. Searching for an LPN job in Edmonton is as easy as typing in “LPN Edmonton,” as this will lead you to various job sites where postings for LPN jobs in all the health care facilities in the city can be found.

Responsibilities of those with an Edmonton LPN job

The responsibilities of those with an LPN job in Edmonton are varied although all are geared towards providing the best kind of care to patients. Responsibilities of licensed practical nurses include recording vital signs, obtaining patient history and other information, providing medications in whatever form ordered by the physician, helping with daily patient care, dressing wounds, monitoring, and health teaching.

Requirements for an Edmonton LPN job

Applications for an LPN job in Edmonton will usually require you to have appropriate nursing certification and working experience. A license is necessary for an LPN to practice in any state or province, and most states allow LPNs licensed in other states to practice in other states without any problems. Most LPNs finish two or four years of nursing education to get a certificate or a diploma or an associate degree. An associate degree can be a good foundation for LPNs who wish to pursue advanced nursing degrees. Other requirements include excellent communication and people skills, ability to work harmoniously in a team, and an ability to function in highly stressful situations. Most health care facilities also now require their applicants to have basic computer skills such as the ability to use word processsing software and navigate the Internet.

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