Jobs for Students in Edmonton


Some companies and organizations usually offer jobs for students in Edmonton who want to gain extra income and work experiences. Not only do summer jobs and part time student jobs help students financially, merely getting a job while still studying also develops self-discipline and sense of responsibility among students. Getting jobs while still schooling also provides a chance for students to gain working experience and training.

Knowing that they’re hiring students, companies and organizations offering student jobs are usually more lenient on work schedules and work hours.

Types of Student Jobs

Student jobs come in a wide range of fields and levels of expertise, though jobs for students are usually on the entry level. Student jobs usually have varying shifts to blend in with students’ class schedules.

Student jobs can be found in a lot of industries and organizations. They can range from clerk, marketing, sales, and office jobs to cleaning and labourer jobs. For students taking up various courses and having different skills, student jobs can be found in various fields such as information technology (IT), customer service, business, sales, construction, office administration, and hospitality and tourism industries, among others. Students are usually hired as customer service representatives, data encoders, business apprentices, interns, writers, construction workers, office clerks, receptionists, payroll clerks, hotel maintenance personnel, cashiers, waiters or waitresses, or typists, among others.

How to Find Student Jobs

You can find opportunities for Edmonton student jobs online though various job sites on the Internet. Student job opportunities can also be found on websites of organizations and companies. Just check out the careers page.

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