Job Placement Agencies Edmonton


Job placement agencies and other employment agencies are special organizations that intend to match qualified job seekers with employers looking for skilled employers. Serving as your advocate, a job placement agency submits your resume and represents you to the employer.

As an applicant or job seeker, you don’t need to pay any fee to the job placement agency. Employers pay them, being the seekers of qualified and skilled job hunters. It is the employment agency’s responsibility to fill their clients’ job vacancies with the best candidates.

After submitting your resume to a job placement agency, you would most likely be called for an interview where an agency usually gathers information on your goals, skills, and desired job or career path. Agencies make use of these information in trying to look for the best job and the best company for you. It is important to prepare for these interviews because job placement agencies also serve as your gate-keeper. They’re the first step towards getting your dream job. You can treat your interview with a job placement agency as some sort of a dress rehearsal for your interview with actual employers.

At times, recruiters recommend alterations in your resume or letter of application. It is important for you to follow these recommendations because as recruiters, they are familiar with what employers look for in an applicant. Always keep your resume updated and accurate. Remember to include your contact information on your resume because they also serve as your first “selling point” in applying for a job.

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