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Job fairs are events where various hiring companies gather in one place for a particular number of days. These job fairs are usually held to provide opportunities for job hunters looking for vacancies that suit them and automatically submit applications. In some cases, applicants are even interviewed and hired on the spot.

Job fairs are organized by various institutions not just for job hunters but also for companies looking for skilled workers. These fairs also provide an excellent opportunity for them to scout for qualified job seekers.

In the service of employers and job seekers, job fairs are usually organized by the government, by private corporations or company groups, or other institutions dedicated to matching companies with qualified job hunters.

Every year, at least one job fair is conducted in a particular region in Canada. Job fairs Edmonton hosts usually include companies from various fields. Examples of these companies are call centers, banks, media outfits, engineering companies, information technology companies, law firms, food companies, and many others. Occasionally, hospitals and airports also join in.

Going to job fairs is one of the ways to look for Edmonton jobs. Just make sure that you have with you several copies of your resume and other relevant papers that companies might require.

You can check out posters, fliers, and other print advertisements for schedules of job fairs in Edmonton. You can also watch out for announcements on TV or on the radio. Searching online, however, is by far the easiest and most convenient way to learn about job fair schedules. Sometimes, job fairs are held by job site owners.

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