HR Jobs In Edmonton


The responsibilities of people who have HR jobs in Edmonton, Canada can be classified into four basic areas:

Recruitment, employment, and placement

Recruiters, employment, and placement specialists are in charge of this. It is the responsibility of human resource personnel to facilitate the recruitment and hiring of employees.

Employment interviewers, also known as human resources coordinators, human resources consultants, or human resources development specialists help employers find qualified job seekers.

Compensation, benefits, and performance analysis

Job analysts, employee benefit specialists and managers, occupational analysts, and employee welfare managers specialize in this category. HR personnel assess employee performance and ensure that employees receive enough salary and benefits.

Training and development

People who are into HR jobs are also in charge of the continuous development of employees. It is their responsibility to conduct trainings to make sure that employees continue to learn and do not forget the basics. Training and development specialists and managers focus on this type of tasks.

Employee relations

It is also the task of people who are into HR jobs to ensure that employees have a harmonious relationship with each other and with the employers.

Labor relations managers, counselors, mediators, arbitrators, and human resources information system specialists are primarily concerned with this task category.

Postings and advertisements of HR job opportunities can best be found on the Internet. These job postings can be found on job sites and companies’ official websites. Online application is also possible in certain job sites. If you want HR job opportunities in Edmonton, you can also search jobs according to location.

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