Engineering Jobs in Edmonton


Engineering jobs involve the design, creation, maintenance, and repair of several kinds of things and places. Engineers can be self-employed, employees of private companies, or talents of an engineering firm.

Engineering areas of specialization

People who are into engineering jobs can choose to specialize in any of these areas:

– Aerospace engineering – Agricultural engineering – Biomedical engineering – Chemical engineering – Civil engineering – Computer engineering – Electrical engineering – Electronic engineering – Environmental engineering – Health and safety engineering – Industrial engineering – Marine engineering – Mechanical engineering – Mining engineering – Geological engineering – Nuclear technology engineering – Petroleum engineering


To be able to secure an engineering job, one must have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Engineering programs are also specialized according to areas mentioned above. There are also other areas of specialization in engineering besides those. Some of them are combinations of some of those given areas.

Engineering jobs also require relevant working experience, skills, and knowledge.

How to find engineering jobs in Edmonton

If you’re looking for engineering jobs in Edmonton, you can check out classified ads in newspapers. You can also visit websites of companies hiring engineers because companies usually allot space for job openings on their official website.

Furthermore, you can use job sites or online job banks. These online job banks and job websites serve as venues for job postings. Simply by using these websites’ search engines, you can easily find engineering jobs in Edmonton. If you check them out, you would notice that job postings can be categorized into jobs by field, location, or level of experience and expertise.

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