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Electronic Medical Records or EMR jobs in Edmonton can be found in both the private and public sectors. If you are an EMR with the right background and certification to work as an EMR in Edmonton, you can start your search by either going online or by going straight to city hall, where you can ask for the assistance from the city employment assistance center.

Where you can find EMR jobs in Edmonton

Most Edmonton EMR jobs can be found in hospitals, although a percentage may also be found in other health care facilities such as doctor’s offices, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and home health care centers. EMR jobs can also be found in insurance firms, where they are assigned the task of tabulating health information. EMR jobs can also be found in the local Edmonton health department, where EMRs are employed to tabulate data collected from health care facilities and assist in health research.

Requirements for an Edmonton EMR job

Most EMR jobs in Edmonton require a high school or college degree. Some employers prefer applicants who are registered health information technicians while other may put a premium on applicants who have a background in health care. Other requirements for applicants for an EMR job is the same in all cities; the applicant must pass a written exam given by the official organization and possess the needed certifications. Other requirements when applying for an EMR job in Edmonton include excellent communication skills, as EMRs often serve as liaisons between health care facilities, insurance companies, and other institutions.

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