Edmonton Trades Jobs


Looking for an Edmonton trades job? Your search for a job in this city will not be that hard, considering that it is a city with various trades job opportunities, from oil and gas industries to construction and the like.

Where to find trades jobs in Edmonton

Edmonton trades jobs can be found online or through the classifieds in the local paper. If you are a plumber, a mechanic, an electrician, or a journeyman, you can easily find trades jobs in Edmonton through these resources. Another good source for Edmonton trades jobs is the local city hall, which posts updated lists of job openings in various industries in the city for job applicants. The city hall also has an employment assistance center where job hopefuls can submit their application forms right after filling them up.

Application requirements for Edmonton trades jobs

Most trades jobs in Edmonton do not require educational degrees, and some also do not require special certificates. Trades jobs that will place the applicants in work areas where installations, testings maintenance, repair and services of machinery are done only require a short training period, which is usually provided by the employer. Basic skills required for an application for Edmonton trades jobs include the ability to read and write, the ability to read maps and technical diagrams and blueprints, and the ability to communicate effectively. Basic computer skills may also be required. Most Edmonton trades jobs also require the applicant to be in good physical condition as some jobs can be physically demanding.

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