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Edmonton is a city with a booming tech industry, exactly the reason you should be looking for tech opportunities if you are a new graduate with a tech background or someone looking for a new career in technology. A tech job in Edmonton will put you in a place where job compensation is high and where you can get rewarding results from your job, along with attractive benefits and other perks. Edmonton is a city with one of the highest per capita incomes in the country.

Types of tech jobs in Edmonton

Most Edmonton tech jobs are grouped into programmers, developers, testers, designers, and the like. Other tech jobs may include technical support, technical sales, technical training, and business information systems. New graduates may find themselves working in technical support as an entry level job, although workers in this industry are expected to move up to other areas of employment after a certain period of time.

Requirements for tech jobs

Computer literacy is now becoming a requirement for any type of job, even a job that does not deal wholly with computers and technology. A typical tech job in will require at least a degree in computers and experience with computer hardware if the job description includes working with the technical side of computers. You may be expected to have programming education when applying for a computer programming job. Other jobs such as data processing and information systems and website development will require some experience with computer software and in-depth knowledge with programming.

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