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If you’ve got excellent interpersonal skills, superb customer service skills, and at least a high school diploma, why not try receptionist jobs? But before you start off looking for receptionist jobs in Edmonton, read on and find out what receptionists and information clerks do.

Receptionist jobs — duties and responsibilities

Receptionist and information clerk jobs involve answering telephone calls, greeting visitors, responding to customer inquiries, answering route and screen calls, coordinating mails that the office sends or receives, and monitoring visitors that enter and leave the premises of the office or company.

Receptionists and information clerks can be found in hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, corporate headquarters, hair and beauty salons, factories, transportation companies, and other establishments where people come and go. In some establishments, receptionists and information clerks play vital roles in the company’s operations. Hospital receptionists direct patients into the proper waiting room and gather relevant information on them such as personal and insurance information. Beauty and hair salon receptionists, on the other hand, arrange customer appointments, direct hairstylists and salon attendants to customers, and sometimes, even serve as cashiers.

Receptionist jobs — qualifications

To qualify for receptionist jobs, one must have at least a high school diploma. Also, those who are after receptionist jobs must have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills, as well as proficiency in electronic devices such as computers and phones.

Where to find Edmonton receptionist job opportunities

Postings of available Edmonton receptionist job opportunities can be found on Edmonton and Canada job sites, as well as on websites of companies.

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