Edmonton Oilfield Jobs


People who are into oilfield jobs deal with oilfield operations, machinery, and oil rigs. Oilfield jobs come in wide varieties involving different tasks and responsibilities. You can be involved in actual oilfield operations. You can also deal simply with other oilfield company concerns, performing marketing or administrative functions.

If you want to work in oilfield companies, you can be a mechanical engineering technologist, advertising sales representative, bobcat operator, security officer, rig work laborer, oilfield maintenance worker, heavy duty mechanic, or tanker driver, among others.

Qualifications for Oilfield Jobs

Depending on the kind of oilfield job that you’re after, qualifications to be able to secure the job differ. If you want to be in charge of the companies marketing and sales operations, you must have appropriate training, experience, and skills in marketing. If you want to be involved in the oilfield company’s technical operations, you’d need appropriate working knowledge, training, and education on oilfield operations. Technicians need technical skills just as engineers need high level of knowledge on oilfield processes.

How to Look for Edmonton Oilfield Jobs

If you’re looking for oilfield jobs in Edmonton, all you have to do is check out websites dedicated to postings of job opportunities in Edmonton or in Canada. Through these websites, you can easily conduct job searches according to your field of expertise, expertise level, and location. You can find oilfield jobs in Edmonton by simply typing the keyword and hitting the “search” button.

Make sure that you have with you a soft copy of your resume. Job postings usually include venues for online application.

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