Edmonton Landscaping Jobs


Landscaping jobs are jobs that deal with designing various facilities and establishments so that they are physically attractive, functional, and in harmony with the natural environment. Landscape architects design parks, residential areas, campuses, playgrounds, parkways, golf courses, shopping centers, resorts, and many other commercial and non-commercial establishments. They also design and restore walkways, buildings, roads, stream corridors, forested land areas, wetlands, and mined areas, making use of artistic arrangement of plants and trees.

Since they are involved in almost any industry or establishment, people into landscape jobs work with a wide variety of people and organizations. They work with real estate developers, resort owners, municipal authorities (in designing roads, airports, or parks), engineers, foresters, and even environmental scientists (when restoring forested lands).

Edmonton landscaping jobs are usually divided into those who make the plan and landscape design, and those who execute the plan or design. The plan and design is usually prepared by a landscape architect. The execution of this plan depends on the engineers, laborers, and other relevant workers. Landscape laborer jobs usually require skills and knowledge on construction, gardening, and the use of various landscaping tools such as shovels, hand saws, pruning equipment, rakes, hedge trimmers, brush trimmers, axes, chain saws, electric clippers, lawnmowers, and snow blowers. In some landscaping jobs, familiarity or knowledge in using twin-axle vehicles and tractors can also be needed.

To qualify as a landscape architect, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture and must have passed the licensure exam. Skills, proficiency in the use of landscaping equipment, and relevant working experience are needed to qualify as a landscape worker. You can find available Edmonton landscaping jobs online.

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