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Job hunting may not be easy but with the proper goal, mindset, and guidance, job search can be made easier by several notches.

1. Focus and stay focused.

The first thing that you have to set if you’re off to go job searching is your set of goals. Spend considerable time thinking about the career path you want to take. More specifically, clarify the specific job that you want to apply to. Usually, those who claim to be “open” to anything end up with “nothing.” If you’re up to a particular long term career goal, make sure that the steps you take would be relevant to that long term career plan.

2. Power up your resume.

Review your resume. Does it provide your most important credentials? Do you have career objectives? Make sure not to list too many, or not to make them too narrow or too general. Make your resume clear, short, and simple. Employers usually cater to several applicants and do not have much time to read very long pieces. Make sure that once they look at your resume, they would immediately see your assets and credentials. Don’t forget to include your educational background, employment history, and skills in your resume.

3. Consider what employers need.

If you were the employer, what skills, abilities, experience, personal traits, and characteristics would you want your employee to have? Keep them in mind and make yourself packed with those qualifications.

4. Know where to look for jobs.

Aside from knowing how to look, know where to look. That’s part of keeping your focus. Companies nowadays take advantage of the Internet, so you might as well do the same. In a few clicks, you would find the jobs that you might be interested in, along with other relevant information.

November 2, 2016 |

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