Edmonton Job Banks


Print classified ads, job advertisements on TV and on the radio, posters and fliers, and online job advertisements are not your only sources of information on job openings in Edmonton. You can also make use of Edmonton job banks for a more convenient job hunting.

Edmonton job banks are pretty similar to Edmonton job sites, though they are usually more specific and focused than common Edmonton job sites.

Job banks feature detailed job postings, along with other relevant information on a particular career or field. They are usually sponsored by certain institutions related to the specific field of a particular job bank.

Types of job banks

Job banks come in varieties specializing in a wide range of fields and companies. There are job banks handled by the Canadian or Edmonton government. Some of these websites are specially intended for immigrants and foreigners. These types of job banks usually provide career opportunities for foreign workers and information on the immigration process. The Canadian government also sponsors job banks where people can search for job opportunities by location.

There are also job banks specific to a particular field. These job banks are those which are sponsored by certain institutions. For example, there’s a job bank for accounting job opportunities that’s sponsored by the Chartered Accountants of Alberta. There are also job banks for careers in architecture, in biotechnology industries, in engineering, in Canada and Edmonton’s public school system, in Canada and Edmonton government offices, in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality business establishments, in Edmonton health, in law and legal matters, in construction companies, in social works, and in information technology.

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