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Jobs related to Geographic Information Systems or GIS come in different types. If you are into GIS jobs, you can be a GIS specialist, GIS project manager, billing clerk, conservation and reclamation planner, environmental planner, aggregate resources manager, environmental remediation technologist, data analyst, environmental operations manager, location research analyst, GIS technician, GIS developer, GIS consultant, geomatics project leader, geomatics contractor, or a GIS engineer.

People who are into GIS jobs usually work with government agencies, transportation companies, schools, IT companies, construction companies, geosystems corporations, and communications companies.

Duties and responsibilities of a GIS specialist

GIS specialists are usually tasked with four basic responsibilities: management of GIS projects, management of GIS data, analysis of GIS data, and visualization of data implications.

Qualifications for careers in GIS

To be able to secure a job in the GIS and geography industry, one needs a diploma in geography or in other similar degree programs. In some GIS jobs, relevant working experience is needed. Knowledge and experience in mapping relevant software can also be required. Applicants must also be familiar with database design and data modeling in an ArcGIS environment. They must be able to solve problems with the use of GIS tools, effectively, communicate GIS information to people who are not familiar with GIS terms and processes, and efficiently evaluate and analyze system and data accuracy.

How to find Edmonton GIS jobs

Check out Edmonton job sites. Edmonton job sites provide a long list of job opportunities in various fields. You can also check out job banks and websites of geosystem companies.

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