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Environmental jobs are basically about the environment, environmental phenomena, environmental issues, environmental problems, environment research, protection of the environment, preservation of environmental resources, and solutions to environmental problems. Simply put, these jobs are all about the environment.

Environment-related careers in Edmonton, as well as in other parts of Canada, are usually categorized into four, according to specialization: environmental, recycling, waste management, and waste water. They usually range from the simplest jobs such as cleaners, waste collectors, and recyclers to the more complex ones which require deeper knowledge and more experience. Among those who are into these more complex environmental jobs are environmental scientists, environmental specialists, environmental coordinators, environmental managers, intermediate environmental specialists, environmental professionals, environmental occupational health practitioners, environmental field technicians, and environmental superintendents.

Some of these more complex environmental occupations are generally the same in job description, differing only in certain aspects. Most of them only differ in name based on the employer’s preference. However, others need more qualifications. For example, to be able to secure an environmental scientist position, broad and deep theoretical and scientific knowledge on the environment and environmental processes is needed. Environmental occupational health jobs require more knowledge and experience in occupational health, health, and work environment than other jobs specializing on environmental issues. Also, environmental field technician jobs require more technical skills than other environmental jobs.

In looking for environmental jobs in Edmonton, the Internet is one of the most convenient means. There are various websites dedicated to jobs in Canada, and even in specific parts of Canada such as Edmonton. These job sites can archive available job postings according to field, applicants’ specialization level, location, and other factors.

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