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Engineering is one of the fields with the most number of specializations and kinds of jobs. If you’re searching for engineering jobs in Edmonton, it would be easier and faster for you to look for jobs in the engineering area where you specialize.

Engineering jobs come in different kinds and areas of specializations. Aerospace engineering jobs involve spacecraft, aircraft, and missiles. Agricultural engineering jobs involve biological resources, particularly agricultural products. Biomedical engineering jobs, on the other hand, are those concerned with health and medical technology. Chemical engineering jobs deal with chemicals and biochemicals. Civil engineering jobs are concerned with buildings, roads, airports, bridges, tunnels, dams, water supply, sewage systems, and other types of infrastructure.

Computer engineering jobs can involve computer hardware or software. Electrical engineers deal mainly with electricity and electrical equipment and systems. They are sometimes confused with electronic engineers, who deal with electronic equipment and technology.

Environmental engineering jobs deal with environmental problems and solutions. Health and safety engineering jobs involve ensuring public and property security. Industrial engineers deal with technologies involved in the factors of production. Marine engineering jobs deal with marine vessels and equipment, while materials engineers deal with production of materials for the development of a wide range of products. Mechanical engineers deal with machinery.

There are also more specific areas in the field of engineering such as mining, geology, nuclear technology, and petroleum.

Engineering jobs usually require at least a bachelor’s degree in a particular area in engineering. Available Edmonton engineering jobs can be found on various job websites.

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