Edmonton Cleaning Jobs


Cleaning jobs are those concerned with the maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness in establishments, be it domestic, residential, industrial, or commercial.

Cleaning job types include janitor jobs, car cleaning jobs, dishwashing jobs, laundry jobs, and many other jobs that involve cleaning and maintenance. Salary differs from one place to another. It also depends on the employers, one’s working experience, kind of cleaning to do, and working hours.

Cleaning hours also vary. Most cleaning jobs are done during daytime, though some employers might require that you clean at night so as to avoid affecting company operations.


To qualify for cleaning jobs, there is no required educational attainment, though some employers prefer those who have at least a high school diploma. Since cleaning jobs require a lot of physical work, one who is aspiring for cleaning jobs must be physically fit and willing to work for long hours. He or she must be willing to do a lot of physical work, must be patient, hardworking, and be keen on details.

How to find Edmonton cleaning jobs

If you check out classified ads in newspapers or pay more attention to posters and fliers, you would most likely find cleaning job opportunities in Edmonton. However, there is an easier, faster, and more convenient way to find cleaning jobs in Edmonton. Simply check out job sites, click search, and choose from the list of Edmonton cleaning job opportunities that the job site would present to you. Job sites usually provide online application opportunities, though some employers prefer direct application.

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