Edmonton Bistro Hotels


People visiting the city of Edmonton in Alberta should take advantage of the city’s various bistro hotels. A lot of them can be found near the city’s major business centers. To illustrate, below are just some of the bistro hotels that you will find in Edmonton.

*Bistro Praha

Bistro Praha is one of the many street restaurants you can see in Edmonton City. It is strategically located near hotels. The bistro offers varying selections of mid-afternoon snacks and other similar light dishes. The house specialty, roast goose with sauerkraut, is just one of the bistro’s mouthwatering offerings.

*Picco Lino Bistro

Picco Lino Bistro offers a wide variety of Italian cuisine. People who want to experience the bistro’s ambiance and food should make reservations before going there. Visitors of the bistro would say that the restaurant offers great Italian food at very reasonable prices. The staff and service men of the bistro are also known for their friendliness and courteousness. People dying to have a taste of Edmonton’s prompt services should visit Picco Lino Bistro.

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