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As black gold was once found in the nearby county of Leduc in the 1940s, Edmonton gained the distinction of being Canada’s Oil Capital. A lot of people took advantage of this opportunity to make use of the bounty that nature has afforded them. Some of the largest oil companies are found in Edmonton. To keep up with world-class production, these companies need the service of hundreds of individuals to help run their plants. Jobs in installing, maintaining, and repairing pipelines are just a few of the opportunities that can be found in the oil and energy sector.

Pipeline workers

Pipeline workers should have experience on handling, maintaining, and repairing pipes and pipeline systems. They should be able to work closely with welders and other laborers in the installment of pipeline parts. Pipeline workers must also be able to read and follow technical plans and lay outs of pipeline systems supplied to them by their supervisors.

Pipeline construction inspector

A pipeline construction inspector also works in the field by supervising the tasks and operations of the pipeline workers. Pipeline inspectors also check and inspect existing pipeline systems for any flaws or damages. They check for corrosion of materials used in the pipes, rocks, and other jagged material that could damage the pipes’ coating as well as for other leaks that could mean loss of certain amounts of gas.

Pipeline designer

A pipeline designer crafts the layout of certain pipeline systems based on the location, the climate, the materials to be used, and other contributing factors. Designers also work with environmental engineers in mapping out pipeline systems to produce a plan that would be in accordance with the certain laws and regulations.

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