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The biotechnology and biomedicine industry is a rapidly developing commerce in Canada. The city of Edmonton houses almost 83% of the business ventures and companies specializing in the research and development of the biotechnology industry. Not only has this influx of biomedicine-related industries boosted the city’s economic growth, it also has provided another venue for the people of Edmonton to find employment. As Edmonton becomes the new frontier for biotechnology and biomedicine industries, more immigrants from neighboring provinces and even foreign countries make their way to the city to explore many job opportunities.

One of the job positions that are up for grabs in the biomedicine and biotechnology sector is the lab technician. Many of the biotechnology industries in Edmonton are focused on biological, chemical, and even life sciences. Lab technicians become part of many scientific teams in this industry, as they perform important tasks in the research and development of products and methods.

Lab technicians can perform general tasks such as collecting and analyzing samples and materials. During and after analysis and testing, the results and processes are recorded dutifully. Lab technicians also present their findings to superiors or clients.

The tasks of a lab technician depend on the branch of biotechnology or biomedicine the employer-company specializes in. Lab technicians in a pharmaceutical company may perform repeated testing of products and analyze their effects. Lab technicians may also be employed by public health offices to report findings on contaminated food or materials that can be used in the prosecution of erring companies.

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