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You can easily find various resources on the Net for jobs in Canada, especially in Edmonton. Job banks are compiled by various sectors of Edmonton society to advertise the growing need of various industries to expand their operations. Jobs are easily found with just a click of a button, with job banks that are arranged per industry. You can also apply directly by using links in the job bank to submit your resume online. The information on these sites are useful for job seekers in the Edmonton area as well as for those from other provinces and countries.

Government sites

The municipal government of Edmonton has its own site where you can search for more information about the city. Jobs in state-run facilities and companies are also available on these websites.

Job banks per industry

Professional organizations launch job banks for the benefit of job seekers who would like to specialize in a particular industry. A job bank that caters to people looking for accounting jobs can be seen on the Chartered Accountants of Alberta webpage. Biotechnology and bio-medicine jobs are also posted on BioAlberta, while architecture jobs can be found on the website of the Alberta Association of Architects.

Private companies can also put up their own job banks to attract more job hunters. This usually works well with known companies or leaders in a certain industry. Some private companies also choose to cross-post their vacancies with other job bank websites. Commercial job banks may compile lists of jobs per industry and locality, making the job search faster and more convenient for online browsers.

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