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The tourism in Edmonton City is a great source of pride and employment for Edmontonians. The Edmonton International Airport is the second most-advanced airport in Canada and is continually being developed to be globally-competitive by providing excellent service and facilities to passengers. Avionics jobs can be found in the industry of transportation and logistics. As Edmonton International Airport continues to rise above the standards, the need for people in avionics jobs is also increasing.

You can be part of the avionics industry as an aircraft and avionics technician. Avionics technicians work closely with aircraft engineers in the development, repair, and maintenance of aircraft and equipment. Working knowledge of electronics that goes hand in hand with passion for avionics can work well for aspiring technicians who aim for career advancement in this industry. Avionics jobs also let you do repair, maintenance, and development work on aircraft for airline companies. Private companies who maintain their own private air transport equipment can also hire people for avionics technician jobs.

Though a high school diploma and a two or four year course on electronics and basics of avionics may be required from applicants, some avionics companies can provide further training through seminars, workshops, and on-the-job application of avionics theories. Depending on the nature of the avionics or aerospace company, they may require certain licenses such as a certification for radio and telephone operation from applicants. As technicians gain more experience and perform well in the job, they may qualify for higher positions in the transport and logistics industry of Edmonton.

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