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The University of Alberta is one of Canada’s best universities. Its consistent high ranking proves this point. Plus, the university also has the most teaching award winners in all of Canada. This may be largely due to the passion its professors put into their jobs. Both the faculty and the students of the University of Alberta display their passion for learning by being eager to discover more through research. The University of Alberta also tops 2006’s National Reputational Ranking.

University of Alberta’s several degree options

Canada’s University of Alberta offers several exciting options to both undergraduate and graduate students. Truly, the institution’s more than 200 undergraduate degree programs, 110 master’s, and 60 PhD programs are a vast selection in which prospective students can definitely find a course that’ll match their interests and skills. One can also take a pick from modern and traditional courses.

The school’s research programs

The research funding for the University of Alberta responds to the passionate need for learning found in its faculty and students. The public research university has an adequate external funding of more than $480 million. This is because it is well-supported by the government, funding agencies, industries, and even by the general public. Research projects and programs focus on medical, biomedical, and nanotechnology issues.

Undergraduate and graduate students

Though the options are vast whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, the enrollment at the University of Alberta is dominated by undergraduates. In fact, as of 2007, 77.3% are full time undergraduate students; 6.1% are part-time. On the other hand, graduate students account for 16.6% as a whole. The degrees conferred also confirm the dominance of undergraduate programs: 82.2% of the degrees given on the same year are undergraduate.

Enrollees’ origins

On the same census, most of the new students that have enrolled are locals, with residents of Alberta at 73.1% of the enrollees, while 13.8% of the enrollees are other Canadians. Only about 4% are foreign students.

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