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Norquest College is a community college with two campuses found in Edmonton, Alberta. So, it is publicly funded by the Government of Alberta, Canada. In fact, it was formerly named by the state as Alberta Vocational College. Most of Norquest College’s students are from Edmonton, Stony Plain, or Wetaskiwin. However, students from other parts of Alberta have also experienced Norquest education. The school’s purpose is to provide quality education for those pursuing graduate studies, or for adults who are just starting to pursue their studies.

Continuing education

Norquest College offers education that will supplement previous learnings or that will completely change the course of a student’s career. The courses are very easy to follow as they focus on the skills that will actually be used on the job. Students can learn a new software, such as InDesign or Photoshop. A professional driver can take a course in TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods), or a policeman can take a course in Incident Investigation.

Distance courses and part-time programs

For working students, distance courses can offer convenient alternatives. These can also be recommended to students who live too far away from any of the Norquest campuses. An option for a student who cannot give his or her job up but lives and works in Edmonton is a part-time program.

Employment programs

True to its practicality, Norquest College offers employment preparatory programs. These programs prepare the student for the real world. On-the-job training is included in the employment preparatory program. This is to ensure employment within a year of finishing the supplementary course.

Adult education

Adult education may refer to continuing studies, or may refer to the beginning of an adult’s education. Continuing studies merely refers to graduate or advanced programs, while adult education refers to adult upgrading, or even adult literacy programs. Through the adult literacy program, Norquest College provides basic education to adults. Adults who have reached a certain age without even knowing how to read, write or do math will be able to do so without being ashamed of himself or herself in the process.

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