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Grant MacEwan College of Edmonton, Canada offers useful education through full-time, part-time, and online arrangements. The college offers mostly diplomas: it actually has more than 60 certificate and diploma programs. It also offers four bachelor’s degrees and four applied bachelor’s degree programs.

Why enroll into Grant MacEwan?

Students enroll into Grant MacEwan because of its focus on practical education. This means that the offered diplomas can directly respond to the needs of Edmonton’s industries, maybe even Alberta’s or Canada’s as a whole. Because of this, 94% of 2003 graduates were hired within six months after their graduation. These graduates had been given hands-on learning while still in school, and were therefore given an advantage. Even before they were graduates, they had working experiences to support their resumes. Grant MacEwan also makes it easy for students to enroll by making acceptance possible at any time of the school year. It also charges a very affordable tuition, at only a little more than $3000 a year. Its transferability of programs to universities is also one of the easiest in the whole state of Alberta.

Learning at Grant MacEwan

Once enrolled into Grant MacEwan College, you will experience the warmth and support of its faculty while enjoying their attention more through the college’s small classes.

Balancing your student life at Grant MacEwan

Because the learning environment is student-friendly, life is not all work and study at Grant MacEwan. The school’s gymnasium provides facilities for several sports, such as basketball and volleyball. Grant MacEwan also has several student-handled organizations that cater to every kind of major interest. So, enrolling into this college can make students not only marketable, but also holistic individuals.

Continuing your education

Grant MacEwan also has a continuing education or advanced degree program. The program aims to provide professional development to people who want to improve their careers with extra courses, or with supplementary diplomas. Students can choose part-time education so that they do not have to give up work for school.

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