Edmonton Public Schools


Edmonton Public Schools is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is the largest public school district within the area. This particular school district provides several options for different kinds of students. It also has a number of schools in various locations, making education more accessible in the Edmonton area.

Alternative programs

Edmonton Public Schools recognizes that students have different learning styles. So, it offers alternative classes wherein students can have a unique focus. Students, along with their parents, can choose from a variety of alternative programs. Some alternative programs are difficult to get into; though alternative programs are open to all students, there are some classes that are directed toward a particular level. For example, some alternative classes are designed for elementary school students only. If students and their parents are interested in a particular area, this could result into alternative classes that’ll cater to their needs.

Special education programs

The school district also supports the education of students with learning or physical disabilities. It has special classes for the hearing impaired. It also conducts special classes for students with learning disabilities and for students who have behavioral problems.

Foreign student programs

Edmonton Public Schools also takes the needs of its international students in consideration. Situated in the multicultural city of Edmonton, it also offers plenty of programs and options to foreign students. To help its foreign students adjust quickly, Edmonton Public Schools teaches English as a second language. It also offers several foreign languages to both local and foreign students. For foreign students who do not have a family to stay with in Edmonton, they can stay with local families. This is possible through the Homestay Program.

Other school district programs

While many academic programs are made available to students of Edmonton Public Schools, supplemental programs are also available. Kids with musical abilities or similar interests can enjoy the musical enrichment program, which also features the school district’s choir. Edmonton Public Schools’ summer school provides students with more learning opportunities.

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