Edmonton Public School Board


The Edmonton Public School board covers elementary, junior high school, and senior high school education. It is a non-discriminating, student-friendly district that accepts any child who meets its age and residency requirements. It is one of two major school boards in Edmonton, the other one being the Catholic School Board.

The Board’s trustees

Nine trustees oversee the operations of the Edmonton Public School Board. These nine trustees are elected every three years. Edmonton residents can only vote in one school board district. This means that a person who votes in the Catholic School Board elections can no longer vote in the Public School Board elections.

What public schooling in the state of Alberta entails

Edmonton is located in Alberta, Canada. This means that it follows the state of Alberta’s system of education. The Edmonton Public Schools Board provides free schooling for all Canadian residents before they turn 20. Children ages 6 to 16 have to go through free but compulsory education. They practice their freedom of choice by being able to select from a wide variety of programs and arrangements, such as home schooling. Home schooling has to meet the state’s requirements and standards.

Multiple locations

To cater to the students’ needs for accessible education, the Edmonton Public School Board has spread out its schools. With the board’s open boundary system, children can be sent to any Edmonton public school.

Variety of programs

The Edmonton Public School Board offers many high quality, regular programs. It also offers alternative classes to students with unique interests or with specialized needs. So, students who are interested in other programs beyond the regular can add some more courses to their lineup. Alternative programs can be in the form of a hobby, such as hockey classes. Programs also include extra language classes. Students with disabilities are provided with special education programs.

Provisions for alternative programs

To ensure high quality education even in the alternative programs, the Edmonton Public School Board hires competent teachers. For example, speech therapy classes require licensed speech language pathologists.

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