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A private school is a learning institution that is not run by the government. Another term used to call a private school is an independent school. Because it does not function with the help of public funds, it charges tuition from its students. In other words, it does not offer free education as offered in a public school. This also means that to hire teachers with advanced degrees and to keep providing high quality education and facilities, some private schools can charge pretty expensive tuition.

The benefits of private schools

A private school does not have to depend on the funds of the state, or of the nation as a whole. It functions independently, with the help of tuition, of course. Private schools offer high quality education, which is proven by consistent good results coming from their graduates, as compared with public school graduates’. The high tuition can also motivate even the parents to monitor their children’s status at school regularly.

Progressive Academy

Progressive Academy is actually in Glenora but can be considered as one of Edmonton’s private schools. This is because the school is easily accessible to Edmonton residents. The school building is located only five blocks away from a river valley in Edmonton. Alberta Education has accredited the Progressive Academy.

The private school focuses on each student to know what can best be done to make him or her learn better. Progressive Academy also emphasizes the values of using observation, practice or repetition, and study. It offers education from kindergarten to grade 12, but provides a special program for preschoolers.

Concordia High School

Concordia High School is actually one of Western Canada’s best private schools. It aims to maintain this status by providing both day and boarding school arrangements. It is also foreign-student friendly, being true to Edmonton’s multicultural and diverse reputation. The classes are small and teacher supervision and attention are readily given. Concordia High School creates an environment that is focused on Jesus Christ, all the while aiming to ready its students for college, and possibly for more advanced education.

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