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With more than 80 schools under its belt, the Edmonton Catholic School Board is responsible for the education of more than 30,000 students. The Edmonton Catholic School District emphasizes a well-balanced education, catering to the students’ emotional, social, physical, and academic needs. Because of the board’s affinity with the Catholic religion, it also prioritizes the spiritual well-being of its students.

The Catholic School District’s history

Edmonton Catholic Schools is Edmonton’s first Catholic school district. It began its operations in 1888 with three nuns from the order of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, mentoring only 23 Catholic students. Catholic parents in Edmonton were the ones who had decided that a separate Catholic school district for the kids should be established. The response was immediate as the Catholic nuns arrived from France to do just that. Even before Alberta was named a province of Canada, the Catholic School District of Edmonton was already being developed. This was also the time when children had to start compulsory schooling at the age of seven and end at the age of 12.

Emphasis on Catholic education

Again, the school district places great importance on the holistic development of its students. It also focuses on providing quality education, which is given with what Christ would have taught. Students are taught the values of respect and dignity, in both the biblical context and in their daily lives.

Expansion of schools

Edmonton Catholic Schools started with only 23 students. Through rapid expansion, however, it has grown into a group of 84 schools. Fifty-one of the said schools are at the elementary level. The district is also known for building two more schools every after five years.

Foreign language provisions

The Catholic school district of Edmonton is continuously expanding. So, with more students to cater to, it continues to offer several foreign language programs. These foreign languages include Chinese, Filipino, French, Italian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

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