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Concordia University College of Alberta, initially known as Concordia College, is a private Christian university. It provides Christian context to any degree, be it under the college of arts, of sciences, or of management. The three departments of this college offer a wide range of undergraduate degrees. So far, however, it only has the Master of Information Systems Security Management as its graduate degree. It does have a certificate program that promotes career development.

Brief history of the college

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod founded the Concordia College in 1921. It was exclusively available for males. In 1939, however, Concordia education became co-educational, welcoming female students as well. Even with this development, it was not until 1987 that Concordia College was able to grant degrees to its students, having previously provided first year and second year education. In 1991, Concordia College became affiliated with the University of Alberta. Four years later, it was finally called the Concordia University College of Alberta.

A special focus on church work

While the academic departments place focus on arts, sciences, and management, students who want to pursue a church-involved life can also enroll at the Concordia University College of Alberta. They can take religious courses that will prepare them for life with a religious vocation, such as being a deacon or a parish nurse.

Why Concordia University College of Alberta?

Prospective students first want to make sure that they will be getting an accredited, or legitimate education. The former Concordia College can provide such an education. It makes use of the latest technology, and encourages practical working experiences. The offered degrees are also recognized either nationally or internationally. So, graduates need not worry about whether they will get a job or not. There are also programs that prepare students for further studies, such as in law or medicine. Non-academic interest and growth are also supported through the provisions for athletics, student leadership, orchestra, choir, and drama departments. The school also prides itself for its close-knit community of students and faculty.

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