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Edmonton car dealers play a vital role in the automobile industry. Car dealers actually serve as middlemen to keep buyers and sellers in touch. Because of the high demand of vehicle ownership in Edmonton, car dealers strive to give their best performance in selling both used and brand new cars. To serve the city’s clients, more than 60 car dealers are established in the vicinity. They offer different car makes and models to interested buyers. Edmonton car dealers, however, usually have different requirements that you have to meet as a buyer. Be sure to shop around to compare and find the best price.

Edmonton Car Dealers’ Association

People who are not familiar with the car dealership industry may think that car dealers always rake in volumes of profit. Well, you might be surprised to know that car dealers also have their own shares of challenges. Looking back in 1935, the Edmonton Motor Dealers’ Association, or EDMA, was founded by a few car dealers who collectively united to advocate equalized freight rates for vehicles all over Canada. It was a non-profit society that obtained its charter under The Societies Act. At present, the association consists of 63 new vehicle dealerships that are found in Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park.

The mission of the association is to have equal levels of prosperity by working through cooperation. They also aim to promote and support changes in the legislations and the industry. Aside from focusing support to each individual dealer, they, too, provide support to the communities by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as in-kind contributions to charities.

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