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You don’t have enough cash to buy new car parts so you intend to buy parts salvaged from wrecked cars. Don’t worry. These salvaged car parts still hold that genuine and durable quality in them. Besides, auto wreckers’ shops provide warranty services for the goods they sell. Areas within Edmonton abound with shops selling salvaged car parts at reasonable prices.

Most companies take pride on the range of services they are able to provide. Aside from selling secondhand auto parts. they also have auto mechanics who offer maintenance and installation services. Edmonton auto wreckers actually help you save some money for parts replacement.

Edmonton-based shops selling salvaged car parts have a good selection of hoods, struts, fenders, grilles, front and rear bumpers, and engines. They also have secondhand door handles, steering columns, headlight and tail light assemblies, exhaust manifolds, and axles. If you need radiators, power steering pumps, door glass, fuel tanks, transmissions and transaxles, side view, and rearview mirrors, you can shop for them at almost half their brand new price through auto wreckers in Edmonton.

Salvaged auto parts usually come in durable, sturdy, and genuine quality in all brands and sizes to select from. Edmonton shops stock a wide selection of used parts for domestic and import vehicles. They also have access to stocks from dealers across the country via a computerized system.

Indoor storage includes popular items such as distributors, alternators, AC compressors, blowers, ignition coils, switches, temperature controls, wiper motors, fuel pumps, power window motors, starter motors, and a lot more. Selection of rims includes factory and aftermarket types. Large stocks of tires already removed from rims are also available.

At Edmonton car wrecker shops, installation of new car parts is also available.

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