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Water is leaking on the floor of your car. You check on the A/C drain and on the radiator but the water still leaks. Definitely, you should know the reason behind the leak. So if you’re around Edmonton or passing by Edmonton, Alberta, better drop by the nearest auto repair shop and have your car checked.

Auto repair shops provide quality professional and personal car maintenance services. With highly skilled diagnostic technicians, these shop offer car maintenance that will ensure safety on the road and better car performance.

For the sake of safe driving, it’s always best to have your car checked for maintenance. This includes services on A/C recharge, coolant, general mechanical repairs, brakes, tires, exhaust, power steering, tune up and engine controls, electrical starter, charger systems, and transmission.

One auto failure maintenance is a poor vehicle coolant system. Sixty percent of car breakdowns is caused by a coolant system failure. Vehicle coolant is mixed to provide protection against freezing, heat transfer, foaming, deposit build up, and corrosion protection of the engine’s components brought about by temperature extremes, time, and chemical reactions, which deplete the anti-freeze inhibitors.

A fuel system tune up is also important to include fuel injector, intake and combustion chamber, and power cleaning solution. Apart from providing coolant systems, transmission system services are done to include road test, power flush, additives, and change of fluid. Power steering services is also done on power flush and additives.

Auto repair shops necessarily hold a complete system inspection and a chemical flush to remove contaminants. Installation of new coolant is done to maximize the life of cooling system components namely the temperature sensor, radiator, head and intake gaskets, water pump, and heater core.

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