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Your car needs to look polished and sleek not only on the outside but also on the inside. Edmonton-based car detailing shops provide services for both the exterior and interior parts of your car.

Claying, polishing, paint defect correction, and waxing are done externally, while interior detailing involves the cleaning of the interior of a vehicle using vacuums, liquid cleaners, and brushes. Engine detailing involves cleaning the engine bay area, getting rid of dirt and grease by using degreasers and all-purpose cleaners.

Paint and protection from a harsh environment is needed to maintain that shiny look for your vehicle. For one, protective coating stops paint from fading and oxidizing as well as shields against the sun’s damaging rays. It locks in the shine and maintains that new car look. Retaining a greater resale value, it also protects from road grime, rain, and atmospheric pollutants.

All vehicles, whether factory painted or painted at the local paint and body shop, are all spray painted. This method of application causes the paint to hit the metal surfaces and dry in hills and valleys – creating a microscopic porous surface. To have that glass-like, reflecting shine, a thorough hand wash or pre-wash of the vehicle is done to remove bird droppings, dirt, tar, and road contaminants, keeping surface of the vehicle thoroughly clean.

Harmful contaminants, such as embedded dirt, grime, and residue wax, are removed with the use of select chemicals, wool bonnets, and special buffing techniques. The specialized buffing process heats the paint causing the surface layer to reflow and seal itself, producing the unique finish that leaves no residue or coating to wear off. Secondhand wash (or post-wash) is done to the vehicle to remove chemical spin-off from the tires, crevices, windshields, vinyl top, and door jams.

Interior protection is also performed on fabric and carpet to repel liquids, dirt, food, grime, and grease. The fabric remains soft and supple, keeps the same feel and texture, and increases resistance to abrasion. The ultimate in rust proofing protects and seals internal surfaces.

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