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The city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada ensures the science education of its residents through the TELUS World of Science. The non-profit museum focuses on science and space exhibits. The TELUS World of Science is also considered the best of its kind in all of North America; it is especially widely popular in Western Canada.

A short history about the TELUS World of Science

The TELUS World of Science was born under a different name. In 1978, some Edmontonians established the Edmonton Space Sciences Foundation. This was the foundation that assigned the design of the unique structures of the science museum. In 1980, the city of Edmonton formally named its new project as the Edmonton Space Sciences Centre. Two years later, the construction at Coronation Park began. After another two years, the science museum was finally opened to the public. It had later underwent some name changes until it became TELUS World of Science in 1995.

TELUS programs

TELUS tries to cover a lot of ground when it comes to educating Edmontonians and guests. It houses exhibits and an observatory. It also presents IMAX film showings of space and science documentaries. It has a radio station, a science lab, and even school programs. TELUS also provides in-depth exposure to the various fields of science through camps and sleepovers.

Other features TELUS can offer

The TELUS World of Science does not only showcase science exhibits as it can also serve as a reception venue for various occasions. If you are looking for a venue with a unique atmosphere, book a reservation not at your favorite hotel but at the TELUS World of Science. TELUS also has a gift shop where you can find items for budding scientists.

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