Taste of Edmonton


If you want to experience the warmth of being part of a community while enjoying delicious dishes, experience “A Taste of Edmonton.” This food festival is one of many summer festivals that have become Edmonton’s pride. The Canadian city in the state of Alberta hosts the annual ten-day feast in Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Give Edmonton a taste

Eating at A Taste of Edmonton festival can be fun. Like a kid with a lunch stub, you go around searching recipes to taste. Menu items each cost as low as one ticket and as high as five tickets. You get to buy each ticket at a dollar. The more tickets you have, the more dishes you can sample. With about three dozen restaurants and about 80 dishes, you may completely forget your diet, if you follow one. The variety is also vast, including international dishes.

Have a little sip of wine

You can swallow your sampled dishes with the help of tasty wine. The selection is also huge, going over fifty wine varieties. You also get to hear great music near the Wine Stage, as you pore through the selection. Be careful not to get tipsy, though. The festival is supposed to be good old family fun.

What else you should be excited about

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