Klondike Days


Edmonton’s Klondike Days is now called Capital Ex. However, some people had protested the name change, deeming it unnecessary. These Edmonton residents thought that doing so was going against the practice of dressing up Klondike-style during the ten-day celebration.

Origins of Klondike Days?

Klondike Days is actually Canada’s fourth greatest fair, which lasts for ten days of fun. The celebration dates back to 1879, a time when Fort Edmonton was trying to establish itself. Klondike Days is characterized by fun rides, parades, shopping, and plenty of entertainment for all ages.

What to expect

Generally, Klondike Days starts operating at noon and ends at 11pm. However, some events may follow different schedules. So if you are planning to visit Edmonton for Klondike Days, find your favorite event’s schedule. If you love music, you may want to experience Ed Fest. Ed Fest is basically a musical festival, where bands play music every night. If you want to see acrobats instead, be ready for Birdhouse Factory. Interested shoppers may want to browse Global Connections, which showcases several products from all over the world.

Where to go to celebrate

The fair is held at Northlands, which used to be called Northlands Park. The spot is located south of Rexall Place and can easily be reached by train.

When can you enjoy Klondike Days

Klondike Days, now called Capital Ex, takes place annually, around the end of July. So, if you want fun during the summer, you can visit Edmonton to immerse in the various activities of this festival.

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